Mary Lindow MA

Licensed Clergy

Pastoral Counselor

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Our guidance and counseling staff of both men and women,

come from many different areas of expertise,

with years of work in the following areas:



      • Licensed /Ordained Ministry / Missions Work  

             National and International Speaking/Lecturing  

      • Publishing of Faith Based Materials / University and College

             Teaching / Breaking Free from Spiritual Stongholds

      • Mediation / Counseling / Mental Health / Social Services

      • Drug Addiction / Trauma / Criminal Justice

      • Working with the Aged / Children / Teens / Adults

      • Marriage Counseling / Family Counseling / Boundary Groups


Our experience and Licensure in these areas, gives us a

broad spectrum in which to reach out to a variety of clientele.


In addition,  every one of our staff is in agreement with the

Faith Based model of guidance and counseling

and will incorporate this into all of their sessions.


With the inclusion of prayer, biblical principles, instruction in the

use of the Word and reliance on our Lord to guide these sessions,

a new and clearer understanding of what it means to have "peace

beyond all understanding” will be our goal.



Welcome To Our Oasis,

Which is Focused on The Will of the Lord in Your life!



Sandra Miskie Ph.D.  - Counseling Supervisor  

Mary Lindow MA

Steve Lindow BS

Willie O'Gilbert and  Edna O'Gilbert

Core Staff




Other Areas Offered:


Bilingual Counseling

Health Workshops,

Parenting Classes

Victim Advocacy


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"The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because He has anointed me and has called me to proclaim good news to the poor.

He has sent me to heal the broken of heart, To proclaim to captives, deliverance and freedom from bondage,

And to those who are blind, the receiving of sight. To send away the bruised and broken with recovery,"


-Luke 4:18

willlie and Edna

Willie O'Gilbert AA

Group Facilitator


Edna O'Gilbert

Ordained Clergy  

Pastoral Lay Counselor  

Group Facilitator

Reverend Stephen Lindow BS

Licensed Clergy

Pastoral Counselor

Sandra DeBrito/Miskie Ph.D.

Clinical Supervisor

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