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Sandra DeBrito/Miskie Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist



Areas of expertise,

with years of work in the following areas:



      • Mediation / Counseling / Mental Health / Social Services

      • Drug Addiction / Trauma / Criminal Justice

      • Working with the Aged / Children / Teens / Adults

      • Marriage Counseling / Family Counseling


          Sandra's experience and Licensure in these areas gives a

broad spectrum in which to reach out to a variety of clientele.


In addition,  Dr. Miskie is in agreement with the

Faith Based model of guidance and counseling

and will incorporate this into all of her sessions.


With the inclusion of prayer, biblical principles, and reliance

on our Lord to guide these sessions, a new and clearer

understanding of what it means to have

"peace beyond all understanding”

will be the  goal.


Sandra Miskie Ph.D.



Other Areas Offered


Bilingual Counseling

Health Workshops,

Parenting Classes

Victim Advocacy