Counseling Fees

We believe that money should never stand in the way of good therapy, pastoral counseling, or being in a therapy group.

We also believe that our clients are adults and are well aware of what they can afford to pay.  



When you call or email our offices to set up an appointment for your initial consultation,

we trust that you will discuss a fee that you and your counselor can both work with.  


Please note that when utilizing a Reduced Fee Payment,

these fees are not eligible for insurance reimbursement, as per the law.


All Fees Are Due at the Time of Service -

We prefer Cash, Money Orders or Cashiers Checks and will accept Personal Checks as long as the initial check clears the bank of your individual counselor.


If a check does not clear their bank and is sent back with collection fees, we will charge

an additional $25.00 for bounced checks and will no longer accept checks from those individuals.

In order to offer Reduced Counseling Fees, we do not accept Insurance from our clients at this time.

All Counselors are Independant Contractors and payments go directly to them at the time of service.


Use Of Personal or Group Insurance Billing


I have been young and now I am old, and in all my years,

I have never seen the Lord forsake a man who loves him;

Nor have I seen the children of the godly go hungry.


Instead, the godly are able to be generous with their gifts

and loans to others, and their children are a blessing.


Psalm 37:25

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